Frozen Charlottes

One unique item that you can always find at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace is Frozen Charlottes.

Origin : Germany Limbach ca. 1850 – ca. 1920

Dug up from the destroyed doll factories.

The Frozen Charlottes are made of bisque in one piece & are a naked figure.  They range in size & the smallest are sometimes sed asa charms in Christmas puddings. The male version is called Frozen Charlie.

They are named after a poem written by Seba Smith in 1840 named “Young Charlotte”.  He was inspired to write it after reading in the N.Y. Observer on Feb 8th, 184o….”A young woman was frozen to death while riding to a ball on Jan. 1st, 1840″.

Available for sale from $6.50 for small to $8.50 for large.