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Vintage Inspired’s founder Mary Aloi was recently featured in the Burlington Free Press! In an article entitled, “We are: Character building seasons,” Mary details how relics show how Vermonters live in our seasons. From the article…

I have had the good fortune of being born and raised here in Vermont. Luckily, I still call this lovely state home and I can scarcely imagine living elsewhere. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the Vermont lifestyle is the awe-inspiring way Mother Nature unfolds her seasons.

As the owner of an antique shop, I am surrounded by relics from centuries past that reflect how Vermonters managed those seasons without the conveniences of today. The long snowy winters required snowshoes and sleigh blankets, but provided down time for crafting folk art whimsies.

Reminders of spring of years gone by include maple sugaring gear and fiddlehead baskets. Who can forget summer days with Grandma’s hand-cranked ice cream and strawberry rhubarb pie in the shade of the back porch?

And finally came autumn with the fragrance of the first wisps of wood smoke from parlor stoves and also brought along with it all sorts of rakes, apple ladders and gathering baskets.

So as you enjoy the beauty of Vermont with all its seasonal glories, keep in mind we are surrounded by antique treasures which reflect season by season how “Vermont Strong” character came to be.

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