Royal Haeger Talk at Vintage Inspired

Royal Haeger / Royal Hickman
Discussion with Tom Jiamachello
Thursday, November 15th, 6:30pm – Free

Founded in 1871 in Dundee Illinois, the Haeger Pottery Company is one of the oldest in America still producing. They created their “Royal Haeger” line in 1939.
Haeger’s lines of pottery changed with the times and reflected the design aesthetic of the era. From the Art Deco inspired sculptural animal lines of the 1920-1940 period to the wilder and funky Post-War period, Haeger hired chief designers who knew what the American public wanted in their homes.
Two special designers stand out, one a master of shape, the other a master of glaze.
Royal Arden Hickman joined the Haeger company in 1939, recruited by the President of the Company, Edmund Haeger. Prior to joining Haeger his designs had been produced in California. The abstract sculptural nature of his designs have many collectors chasing his wares. What is less known about his production is that in 1944, he moved to Tennessee and started his own pottery company, taking with him a glaze master named Frank Petty, whose “Petty Crystal” glazes were way ahead of the time.
The glaze master whose work appeals to me most is Alrun Guest, who was Chief Designer at Haeger from 1969 to the present. Well aware of the trends in color and design in Europe, her work resembles the Italian Mid-century pottery of Bitossi. Her volcanic brutalist glazes are commanding attention from discerning collectors today, particularly her Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, and Lime Peel glazes items.
I will feature items from the Art Deco period of Haeger to the stunning examples of Alrun Guest’s work in my lecture. Come prepared to discover masterpieces of 20th century design made right here in the heart of America.
Cost: Free!
When: Thursday, November 15th, 6:30pm
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