Modern God/Goddess with Renée Savoie!

Modern God/Goddess Canvas Class

Saturday, June 29th, 11 am to 5pm


Mixed Media with Renée Savoie
This class is modeled after Renée’s Modern Goddess series which celebrates discovering your inner child to reveal the true god/goddess that lies within. As adults it is easy for some of us to forget who you are or lose your way. You are still in there, every single bit of you. Your hopes and dreams and good memories and that happy, fun, adventurous YOU is in there! In this class you will create an 18”X18” canvas mixed media piece where you will collage and paint yourself back to your happy place. There will be lots of room for self-expression and no experience is necessary. Renée is a firm believer that there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.
All materials will be provided but students should bring if they have available: A heat gun, favorite paint brushes, old photos or ephemera, images that truly speak to you, favorite acrylics and an answer to the questions “What did you want to be when you grew up?” or “What made you truly happy as a child?”
Renée Savoie: Renée Savoie of Peaberry Designs is a self-taught mixed media artist from Canada’s capital region. Renee has been creative for as long as she can remember but once she discovered the world of mixed media she knew she had found her bliss. She has lived in different places around the world but no place has been as influential on her creativity as her time spent in the Canadian North. A huge fan of all things vintage, she combines previously loved items with her love of texture, paper and paint to make things with depth and character. Renee loves to experiment, constantly trying new products and techniques. When this coffee addict is not traveling to teach or showcase her work she is hanging out with her partner Chris and three beautiful girls who are a huge source of inspiration. She hopes to inspire people all over to find and follow their bliss!! You can find her and her creative musings at
Cost: $80 / Class (6 hrs)
When: Saturday, June 29th, 11am to 5pm
Registration: To sign up for this class, please email info[at]vintageinspired[dot]net or call (802)488-5766. To RSVP via Facebook, please click here.