Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan for sale in Burlington, Vermont

Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace is proud to be a supplier of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Burlington, VT!  It is the easiest paint to use with no priming or prepping. Easy parking and open every day of the week. Feel free to call and talk with Mary Heinrich Aloi, the trained stockist, with any questions.  It’s simply the best paint around!


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All Chalk Paint colors are available in quarts and samples sizes. Clear and dark wax, waxing brushes, lacquer, Annie Sloan books, paint brushes and expert advice are always, too!
Chalk Paint® decorative paint:

  • Best Paint on the market for painting furniture.
  • No priming or sanding.
  • Can be painted on metal, floors, walls, and terracotta.
  • Low in VOC’s (will not hurt the environment)
  • Colors are pure, black only added to Graphite, making it easy to mix colors in any combination.
Techniques: Achieve an Old World European look when you combine paint and wax in a variety of techniques.

  • Layer different colors.
  • Create a wash by diluting the paint with water.
  • Use as an impasto (thickly).
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Chalk Paint® Classes in Burlington, Vermont

 To learn painting techniques, distressing and how to wax,
send in email to [email protected] or call 802.488.5766 for information on classes taught by Mary Heinrich Aloi,
the trained stockist for Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Mary Heinrich Aloi, the owner & shopkeeper of Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace with two locations, 180 Flynn Ave & 270 Pine St in Burlington, has been involved with antiques, art and crafts for over 30 years..  She has taught classes in various forms since her marketplace in Burlington’s South End Arts District opened in November 2011.  She received her training to become CHALK PAINT®  by Annie Sloan stockiest in February of 2014.  Since then she has painted and transformed many pieces by  using the CHALK PAINT® which requires no priming or sanding.  She loves working and living in the same neighborhood where she grew up.

Or call / email us for information!

Chalk Paint® Tips


Paint two coats of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.  Let dry between coats.  It takes about 20-30 minutes to dry.  Use a bit of water on the brush tips during the second coat for easier application.  If you want to distress you can do so either before or after you wax.  Then using a wax brush or soft cloth apply Annie’s clear wax, wiping back the excess wax with a soft cloth.  If using Annie’s dark wax, apply while clear wax is still moist, rubbing off excess so surface is moist but not tacky or greasy.  Don’t use a rubbing motion to wipe off excess, instead just wipe it off firmly using one or two passes with the cloth.  Let waxed piece dry overnight and then buff with a soft cloth for a nice luster.  Common mistakes are using too much wax, so use just enough and make sure you wipe off excess but wait to buff at least 24 hours.  Wash both your wax and paint brushes with hot water and Dawn dish soap.  Waxed furniture will fully cure within 3 weeks, so until then take care using your newly painted and waxed piece.  Care for your piece by wiping with mild soap and water.

Stockist: Mary Heinrich Aloi