Art Journaling with Meta Strick

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Would you like to use an art journal to express yourself? Record your observations? Reflect and remember? Experiment with art techniques? Or just have a place to play?
During this workshop we will explore some ideas and purposes for art journals. We will experiment with a variety of techniques and processes: design and drawing options, color considerations, collage possibilities, miscellaneous mixed media applications, word and image blending, and paper manipulation and engineering.
Materials and tools will be available for you to use, and you will be provided with a small blank journal, a multi-page handout of additional ideas and suggestions, an envelope of small embellishments, and an opportunity for inspiration and fun.
Workshop 4 hours
Cost $60.
Call 802 488 5766 or email to register. Payment required at time of registration.
Meta Strick
Artist Statement
Meta Strick is a truly mixed media artist, probably due to her impulsive interest in all sorts of new and old materials and processes. As a lifetime artist she has a formal education in traditional painting, drawing, design, and calligraphy, as well as the organic learning that occurs during art retreats, workshops and classes, studio visits, and museum excursions.
Rather than following any particular plan or set of rules, Meta’s art pieces develop as she moves from step to step. So-called mistakes are merely opportunities to learn something else. Then she cuts it up or paints over it. Art is not so precious that it can’t be altered; art is not “work,” but instead is a daily dance, a place to play.
Art materials might include found wood scraps, cut up (and washed) old clothes, broken costume jewelry, rusty metal, photos from the family archives, handmade paper, and lawn sale junque. Anything can become part of an art piece. The tools that Meta uses include a band saw, drill press, high speed rotary carving tool, sewing machine, scissors, pliers, mould and deckle, brushes and pens.
Meta teaches various art workshops and, for over thirty years, has taught several studio art and art history courses at Community College of Vermont. She is an active member of several arts organizations, participates in art and craft fairs, and exhibits in galleries.