BTV Flea!

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Beginning Sunday, April 29th, Burlington’s South End Arts District will add a “Sunday Flea Market” to its line-up of destination events. Located off of Flynn Avenue and called the BTV FLEA, the market will feature an eclectic mix that is typical of all South End ventures: vintage household goods, local artists, yummy food and tours of the nearby Switchback Brewing Company. Yes, the tasting room will be open and tours will be offered especially for market-goers.  BTV Flea was voted by Yankee Magazine as the Best Destination for New England May 2015!

“We love the vibe of the Brooklyn Flea Market and I thought that with a little community collaboration, we could create a Burlington, Vermont version that would offer another reason to visit the South End on a regular basis.” said market organizer Mary Heinrich Aloi, owner of Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace, who has hosted markets in the past.

“We have been experimenting with Sundays over the last couple of years and have learned that people like to go out, but also are looking for food and other things to do,” said Aloi, “so we approached Switchback and a handful of great vendors and now we’re ready to go with a consistent offering that the community will enjoy and that also will generate traffic for other South End businesses.”

“This is a no-brainer for Switchback,” said Candace Martabano who oversees their marketing. “We’re expanding our tours and tasting facilities and we’ll use this cool new event to sample some new releases as well.”

The BTV FLEA South End Sunday market will run from 12 noon to 4 pm on the following Sundays in 2018:

 April 29th, May 20, July 1st and September 9th (ART HOP weekend)  

Interested vendors should contact Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace, 180 Flynn Ave., Burlington or call (802) 488-5766 or [email protected]


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