Consignor Contract

Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace
180 Flynn Ave., Suite #2
Burlington, VT 05401
Consignment Agreement
Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace will be referred to as “V.I.”
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  1. The consignor is the owner of all goods consigned to V.I. and has the legal right to enter into this Consignment Agreement.
  2. V.I. retains the right to accept or decline any item for consignment at their sole discretion. V.i. further retains the right to display items for sale as they see fit.
  3. Consignors must present all items clean, complete and free of defects.
  4. Retrieving Consignors are responsible for contacting V.I. within seven (7) days of the date of consignment to claim any additional NTY items found during the tagging process. No Thank You (NTY) items unclaimed within (7) days of the date of consignment will be disposed without notice. Consignments may not assume there are no additional NTY items because their consignment was initially screened.
  5. The Consignor may set the list price of their items or authorize V.I. to price items on their behalf. V.I. reserves the right to sell items below their original list price: if the Consignor has authorized a price reduction, if V.I. priced the items on the Consignors behalf or if unsold items are to be donated or if items have not sold within the 1st 30, 60, or 90 days.
  6. V.I. collects a commission on all goods sold equal to thirty-five percent (35%) of the list price of goods priced $20.01 & over and fifty percent (50%) of anything priced $20.00 & under. Where an item is sold below the original list price, commission is calculated on the reduced list price.
  7. V.I. does not telephone Consignors regarding their consignment account. A statement will be sent at the end of the consignment period.
  8. V.I. does not mail checks as a matter of course. The Consignor is responsible for collecting funds due for items sold, at the store location where the items were consigned, within ninety (90) days of the expiration of each consignment period. Uncollected funds become the property of V.I.
  9. Retrieving Consignors must claim unsold items within five (5) days of the expiration date of each consignment period. After 5 p.m. on the exit date, unclaimed items will be disposed without notice or liability to the Consignor.
  10. Retrieving Consignors are responsible for locating, and removing from the sales floor, any unsold items within the five (5) day grace at the expiration of each consignment period. Unsold hard goods are located and removed from the sales floor, by V.I. staff, upon expiration of the consignment period. Retrieving Consignors who retrieve unsold items prior to the consignment expiration date must locate and remove their items from the sales floor. There will be no Customer Service Inquiries generated for early retrievals not located by Consignor.
  11. V.I. is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to Consignor goods from any cause whatsoever. Insurance coverage remains the sole responsibility of the Consignor.
For a print copy of this contract, click here.
Delivery of goods to V.I. constitutes the Consignor’s acceptance of the above stated terms. The Consignor signature on the reverse of this Consignment Agreement constitutes the Consignors acknowledgement and understanding of V.I. sales and consignment policies and procedures.
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Telephone (Home): _____________________________
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I have read the Consignment Agreement, Information Sheet, & Basic Guidelines and accept the conditions as stated.
Signature: ______________________________________________
V.I. Staff: ___________________________________
Member #: _____________________________________
Date: ______________________________