I have learned so much after years of packing to do shows. First, each show is pack differently. Yes, the basics remain the same, small curious goods but season, location, size of show, etc vary. It always changes things up for me and I love change! (Thankfully, not in my Mister). Many people comment “It must so hard”. True but I love physically challenging work since day one. The trailer is packed full and ready to go. Actually I got a couple gorgeous ladders across the top to crown off the load. Traditionally leaving the marketplace, I throw it a caring glance because I will miss it. Then I cross the railroad tracks right next to the shop and the load settles in for the road. This trip to TN is my longest voyage of this year and I love to travel. I’ll pick up my dear cousin and we’ll laugh, love, work our a** off and hopefully it will all pay off. That’s part of the gamble and that’s okay. I truly feel blessed everyday that I can do this. I hope all your dreams come true. Wishes, Mary (at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace)