Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Mary Heinrich Aloi, the owner & shopkeeper of Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace on Flynn Avenue in Burlington, has been involved with antiques, art and crafts for over 20 years.  She has taught classes in various forms since her marketplace in Burlington’s South End Arts District opened in November 2011.  She received her training to become CHALK PAINT®  by Annie Sloan stockiest in February of 2014.  Since then she has painted and transformed many pieces by  using the CHALK PAINT® which requires no priming or sanding.  She loves working and living in the same neighborhood where she grew up.

Interested In Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? 

  Click here for all the paint colors, waxes and accessories.

It is a funky, accessible and beautifully lite space and a delight for shoppers wanting to combine a love of antiques, curious goods and art. Owner, Mary Heinrich Aloi has a truly inspired eye and her shop is a haven for hunters, pickers and art lovers.

The focus of the shop is vintage goods for an inspired lifestyle

Chef David Lax

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